Our LifeQuest is about discovering our Greatness and finding our unique path to a more meaningful and successful life. As we transform ourselves, we also improve our ability to empower, and strategically lead our families, communities and organizations.

The LifeQuest workshops are catalysts for strategic growth and positive change. Workshops may be given in English or Spanish, to individuals or organizations.

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LifeQuest Strategy #1

The LifeQuest for Greatness© programs offer personal strategies to BE + DO life differently.

My workshops introduce innovative strategies for:

• changing course & discovering your unique path
• managing stress & building resilience
• living at a higher energetic vibration

LifeQuest Strategy #2

The LifeQuest Strategic Leadership© programs transform the way we empower others. Discover how unleashing your Greatness improves your ability to communicate, get results, develop relationships and create synergies with others.

LifeQuest Strategy #3

The LifeQuest Strategies for Families© will share innovative strategies developed while parenting two teenage daughters who are bi-cultural, intuitive digital citizens preparing for independence in an ever-changing global economy.

Meet Your LifeQuest Navigator

Tamara Lockwood is the creator of the LifeQuest programs, combining her corporate development, leadership training and strategic facilitation experience with studies of neuro-linguistics, organizational systems theory, multiple intelligences, resilience and character development, intercultural communications, and mindfulness, among others. To date she has coached over 120 clients, from 7 countries, in Spanish and English.

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